Nana’s I Drew It Then I Knew It Clubhouse series uses art to reinforce history, science and so much of what you are already studying. As teachers, we know that art helps with understanding and recall of facts. I Drew It Then I Knew It Art Lessons help all ages to learn.

I Drew It Then I Knew It Clubhouse Series

These series are exclusive to the You ARE an Artist Clubhouse. Maps, Presidents, Famous Artists and Composers are exclusive to the Complete Clubhouse membership.


As you study a favorite hymn, paint with either chalk pastels or acrylics what you might imagine this hymn means. Nana’s hymns video art lessons are a perfect complement to a hymn memorization study! Find the listing of hymns here.


If you can visualize a 4th-grade Nana from years ago, come sit next to her and see how much fun maps and geography are! I can show you how to outline the contours of continents and islands and you will say, “I Drew It, Then I Knew It!” It really is fun and you will be surprised at how much you learn! Find the listing of maps here.


There have been 45 men to hold the office of United States President. There are those that are not familiar to us at all. We will be detectives and find out interesting and maybe even surprising facts about these men! We are going to draw each President, chat about him and you will be able to sit down at dinner and tell your family presidential facts. Did you know that President James Madison was only 5’3” tall?


Vermeer, Warhol, Grandma Moses, Degas…Wow! These folks are artists that we might have heard of and they were REAL people. These artists became famous because of their skills as an artist! Come along through history and let’s use our pastels to see how they might have seen a girl with a pearl earring or even a famous tomato soup can! Find the listing of famous artists here.


Art and music! Oh what joy! Let’s paint the composers you’ve been studying. Find the listing of composers here.

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I Drew It Then I Knew It Complete Listing

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Expand your studies with Nana's Classical Collection History Art Lessons and make history come alive with chalk pastel art. Not only will you know history, you will learn to paint parts of history too because you ARE an artist!

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