Your Best Homeschool Ultimate Membership

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TWO homeschool memberships at a discount price! Add the beauty of art lessons AND nature study to your homeschool with this family-style bundle!


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You will have the homeschool ultimate membership! With all access to three memberships: You ARE an ARTiST Complete Clubhouse membership, Fine Arts Membership  AND the Homeschool Nature Study membership at your fingertips, you will have the resources you need to make beautiful memories together with your children. And they are all in one place with the framework to get started!

We believe sometimes pushing everything off the kitchen table and pulling out a project is just what everyone needs!

Just open and go!

Three Memberships in One!  How Awesome is That? You Get:

  • 800+ video art lessons
  • Grades 1-12 Fine Arts Homeschool Art and Music Appreciation Curriculum
  • High School Fine Arts Membership for Grade 9-12
  • Self-paced art lessons and nature studies plus access to any special events
  • Online membership calendars for art and nature study – enjoy a daily art lesson prompt AND a daily nature study prompt
  • Outdoor Hour Challenges with The Handbook of Nature Study homeschool curriculum for the whole family with advanced studies for high school
  • Downloadable and printable curriculum, guides and resources
  • Oh so many bonuses!
“Peanut butter & jelly.
Root beer & ice cream.
Slippers & hot cocoa.
Chalk Art & Nature Studies! Things that just go so well together!!”
-Stef Layton

How Do You Get All Access?

Purchase Your Best Homeschool Ultimate Membership!

Enjoy all the benefits art lessons, homeschool fine arts (art and music appreciation) AND nature study!

What is Included In the Your Best Homeschool Ultimate Membership?

You ARE an ARTiST Clubhouse Membership – Now you can enjoy the You ARE an Artist Clubhouse with Nana’s art lessons.

  • Seasonal and holiday art
  • Old and New Testament Bible video art lessons
  • Nature – backyard, forest, garden
  • Famous Artists and accompanying podcasts
  • Science – inventors and anatomy diagramming
  • History, maps, American landmarks and world landmarks
  • Literature
  • Preschool and more!
  • Plus a downloadable and printable Guide with I Drew It Then I Knew It courses

All of these are what you will enjoy in the You ARE an Artist Clubhouse with your annual, quarterly or monthly subscription! (The Complete Clubhouse gives you access to ALL of Nana’s 800+ lessons).

“In some ways it’s like watching Bob Ross, just for kids!” – Dawn Peluso

Homeschool Nature Study Membership – Handbook of Nature Study Outdoor Hour Curriculum – This resource is designed to introduce you to many of the most common backyard and neighborhood birds you might encounter up close and in person with your family.

  • Encouragement to simply step outdoors to enjoy and discover God’s creation!
  • A NEW Outdoor Hour Challenge nature study EVERY week!
  • A rich resource library of Handbook of Nature Study Curriculum at your fingertips
  • Each challenge has three parts: Inside Preparation Work, Outdoor Hour Time, and then a Follow-Up Activity.
  • Use the suggestions in the lesson for simple weekly nature study activities using the Handbook of Nature Study.
  • Children of all ages can participate in the challenges.
  • Advanced studies included for upper grade students.
  • Downloadable nature study plans for the homeschool year – follow along or go at your own pace
  • A monthly interactive calendar with a homeschool nature study prompt for each day – never have to guess what to do next!
  • Fun resources that work with you, not add to your workload

“Thanks for offering these challenges. This is a wonderful way to make our entire yard an extension of our classroom.” – Paula

Join us today!