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The Art of Strewing in Your Homeschool

Strewing is definitely an art! The art of strewing in your homeschool is all about carefully choosing special items and activities for your kids to explore. I love setting out items for my daughter to discover when she wakes up. It’s a fun way to start the day with learning, without adding another task to my to-do list first thing in the morning.

Items that match up with your child’s interests are always going to be a big hit with strewing. For example, if your homeschooler loves art like mine, you might want to try strewing art supplies. 

Prepare to be amazed as you see what they can come up with from strewing something simple like aluminum foil or video art classes. Keep reading to learn more about strewing and how you can introduce this awesome new concept to your homeschool days this year.

Strewing is definitely an art! It’s all about carefully choosing special items and activities for your kids to explore. Strewing in your homeschool is a wonderful way to spark your children's creativity! Art lessons can be a fabulous resource to strew.

What Is Strewing?

Strewing is about placing items out that will encourage your kids to interact with them. Carefully chosen items placed in the path of your homeschoolers encourages them to get creative and explore. Strewing can begin as a small activity or a single item placed in your child’s path once a week, or you can use strewing to set the tone for homeschool lessons every day.

I would encourage you to choose items that match up with your kids’ interests and passions. Strewing things they’re curious about, or topics you’re currently studying in your homeschool lessons is a great place to start. Place the chosen items in a designated area or use fabric bins to help keep items tidy when they’re not being used. 

Ultimately, strewing can become a homeschool tool you use to encourage independent learning and bring lessons to life in a whole new way! You can leave a bin of blocks on the coffee table, a new book open on the kitchen counter, or set up a new game in their room. Then, watch the magic happen as you get started with strewing in your homeschool.

If your kids don’t show interest in what you’ve chosen at first, don’t lose hope. Try not to take it personally and resist the urge to get involved or give instructions. Remember, the goal is to encourage independent learning by letting your kids discover and interact with the items on their own.

Strewing is definitely an art! It’s all about carefully choosing special items and activities for your kids to explore.

The Benefits of Strewing In Your Homeschool

Practicing strewing in your homeschool can have some amazing benefits! There are tons of skills our kids can develop by interacting with new materials in this way, but it’s also a great opportunity for homeschool moms too. I have come to love strewing in the mornings for the beginning it provides.

Strewing gives me a chance to wake up, have quiet time for myself, and drink my coffee while it’s still hot. Placing items out the night before means my daughter doesn’t need to come to me first thing in the morning for instructions. Instead, she can spend time discovering strewing items while I wake up and prepare for the day.

In addition to providing a soft start for those of us who aren’t “early risers,” strewing sets a great tone for the day. When we practice strewing, we begin the day with an activity that inspires our homeschoolers to get curious, explore, and think creatively. It’s a great way to get ready for a day filled with lessons and learning together.

Plus, you’ll be encouraging your homeschoolers to become independent learners as they explore and interact with items without instructions from adults. That’s a valuable skill for lifelong learners!

Strewing is definitely an art! It’s all about carefully choosing special items and activities for your kids to explore.

The Art Of Strewing in Your Homeschool: Resources To Inspire You

Strewing is an art! As you practice strewing, you’ll learn what works really well for your kids and what items don’t spark their curiosity too. 

Unused craft supplies and art activities work really well for strewing in our homeschool space because they are open-ended and line up well with our daughter’s interests. Check out some of our favorite art-related items for strewing:

  • Playdough
  • Beads and string
  • Aluminum foil
  • Pencils and paper
  • Old magazines and scissors
  • Origami book and papers
  • Rocks and paint
  • Clay flower pot and paint
  • Sand art kit
  • Spirograph
  • Chalk pastels
Strewing is definitely an art! It’s all about carefully choosing special items and activities for your kids to explore.

Strewing With You ARE An Artist Clubhouse

Strewing doesn’t always have to be loose parts and craft supplies, you can strew books, card games, and even videos. We love strewing online lessons like the ones at You ARE An Artist. They have lessons on all kinds of awesome topics!

It’s easy to find lessons that match up with your child’s interests or tie them in with what you’re studying in your homeschool this year. You can learn to draw world landmarks, the solar system, or holidays and celebrations using chalk pastels and their engaging step-by-step video courses.

Want to learn more about how to practice strewing in your homeschool with practical tips and a list of ideas for items we love to strew? Check out my free ebook all about strewing to help you get started. 

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