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Hudson River School Homeschool Art Lesson

Perseids Meteor Shower Homeschool Lesson

Join Nana and explore famous artists with her Hudson River School homeschool art lesson. In the early 19th century, a group of American artists dedicated themselves to a style of painting that would have its roots in the United States of America, rather than looking back to Europe for inspiration. They were mesmerized by the great open and untamed landscape of the unexplored territory to the west. That part of the country that lay outside of the cities in the eastern United States.

Hudson River School Show Notes


  • 1:55 How Hudson River School Got It’s Name
  • 2:20 Plein Art Style of Painting – What Does Plein Air Mean?
  • 2:37 Three Themes of America in the 19th Century
  • 3:46 Thomas Cole, Founder of the Hudson River School
  • 5:46 The Second Generation of the Hudson River School
  • 5:60 Famous Artist Frederic Church
  • 6:09 Founders of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • 6:40 Famous Artist Albert Bierstadt
  • 7:55 Manifest Destiny and Industrialization
  • 9:19 Hudson River School Paintings at the Smithsonian

Read the Hudson River School Transcript HERE.

The Hudson River School artists’ thoughts lay in three themes : new lands to be discovered, the exploration and illustrations of the untouched beauty, and finally, settlement. These landscape painters helped to create what is known now as the Hudson River School. The Hudson River School was a group of artists whose artistic vision was influenced by Romanticism, and they inspired an American landscape art movement.

Nature, in the form of the American landscape, is a reflection of God.

Hudson River School artists

Famous Artist Frederic Church and the 1860 Great Meteor

American landscape artist Frederic Church was an influential artist from the Hudson River School who painted the 1860 Great Meteor painting from the Catskill evening sky. The 1860 Great Meteor event occurred on July 20, 1860. It was an interesting phenomenon that was reported from various locations all over the United States. There are some fascinating learning trails to explore for the upcoming Perseids Meteor Shower that occurs every year.

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Nana is passionate about helping you realize you ARE an artist! Not only an artist with chalk pastels but with homeschooling, creative spaces, favorite family recipes and more. Nana also enjoys chatting – especially about art. If you have followed along with any of her You ARE an Artist video art lessons, you know that. She also enjoys sharing photos and thoughts on topics while she is being creative in her studio space on her back porch. That is where she will be chatting with you – from her back porch. It’s Nana’s You ARE an Artist Podcast!

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Exploring Famous Artists with Chalk Pastels

Exploring famous artists with your children has never been easier! Now you can expose your children to the glory and wonder of master artists like da Vinci, Michelangelo, Monet, Rembrandt, Vermeer, and so many more with chalk pastels!

Exploring Famous Artists with Chalk Pastels: Exploring famous artists with your kids has never been easier! Now you can expose your children to the glory and wonder of master artists like da Vinci, Michelangelo, Monet, Rembrandt, Vermeer, and so many more with chalk pastels! #famousartistsforkids #famousartists #chalkpastels #masterartists #homeschool

It’s no secret my children love art. Be it watercolors, acrylics, or chalk pastels they love creating and exploring different techniques and artists. Last year we enjoyed Chalk Pastel Techniques and Master Artists. But You ARE An Artist Chalk Pastels has expanded their Famous Artist series! So, we decided to take this week and devote it to learning more about famous artists!

Exploring Famous Artists with Chalk Pastels

Exploring Famous Artists with Chalk Pastels

With the You ARE An Artist Clubhouse membership you’ll have access to over 700+ chalk pastel lessons including Famous Artists video lessons with the following master artists:

Plus, a new artist is added most every month! You ARE an ARTiST Complete Clubhouse members also get an I Drew It Then I Knew It Companion Guide with famous artists biographies, fast facts and more!

Exploring Famous Artists with Chalk Pastels

Exploring Famous Artists and Chalk Pastels

Before we get started, I always set the table with all our supplies. Don’t worry chalk pastels are super easy! All you need is a cheap set of chalk pastels and a pack of construction paper! No intimidating art list necessary.

*Although, we have found that a few of the harder Nupastels come in handy when drawing faces and the human form.

Exploring Famous Artists with Chalk Pastels
Norman Rockwell

I always serve a favorite beverage and treat when we are having art lessons. When we did our paintings for Rembrandt, I had cinnamon muffins and warm cider on the table. For Monet’s lesson, we had donuts and hot tea. It’s totally up to you if you want to add this little extra bit of fun to your art lessons.

Exploring Famous Artists with Chalk Pastels

Exploring Famous Artists for Kids

FYI spills DO happen. It’s OK, though. Just keep a roll of paper towels handy. I like to think that the master artists knew messes happened. It’s all part of the process. Plus, not only are we learning about art, but we are also making treasured memories.

Exploring Famous Artists with Chalk Pastels

Exploring Famous Artists

Nana does an amazing job of bringing the master artists to a level that younger kids and older kids can understand and recreate. So, these lessons are perfect for beginner artists and advanced artists alike. She gives a little bit of history on each artist and even some of their techniques.

Exploring Famous Artists
Van Gogh

These lessons pair beautifully with Nana’s Famous Artist Podcast series where she goes more in-depth about each master artist! We listened to her Johannes Vermeer podcast after our Vermeer lesson. It was a wonderful addition and so educational!

Exploring Famous Artists with Chalk Pastels
Johannes Vermeer

Exploring Famous Artists with Chalk Pastels

I love that we are learning facts and history about these master artists as well as spurring on further learning and interesting rabbit trails of discovery.

Exploring Famous Artists with Chalk Pastels

The master artists are a must for anyone interested in art history or art techniques. Plus, we are having such fun! Creative messes, chalk hands, and smiles all included!

Exploring Famous Artists with Chalk Pastels

Enjoy making some beautiful memories with your children as you experience the famous artists chalk pastel art tutorials! With our I Drew It Then I Knew It Famous Artists Companion Workbook, you will get biographies of each famous artist, multiple planners, a book recommendation list, fast fact sheets, and overviews to work through Nana’s art lessons.

Our Famous Artists Companion Workbook paired with a Complete Clubhouse Membership is the perfect way to enjoy art history and a study of the master artists!

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