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Joyful Art, Nature and Music for Your Christmas Homeschool

Enjoy a simple, joyful and stress-free Christmas event for the whole family. With art, nature and music plus a nature craft for your Christmas homeschool, you can make memories and have fun together.

Enjoy this simple, joyful and stress-free holiday event with art, nature and music for your Christmas homeschool.

Though we would like to, as homeschool moms, we can’t fit in all the holiday homeschooling fun. This Christmas homeschool event, however, gives you an easy way to say yes! And all you need is just a bit of time set aside and a few inexpensive supplies.

It’s all done for you! Sit back and enjoy the fun!

A Christmas Tree for the Animals – An Event for the Whole Family!

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Enjoy this simple, joyful and stress-free holiday event with art, nature and music for your Christmas homeschool.

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    Activities included in this Joyful Art, Nature and Music for Your Christmas Homeschool Event

    • Access to attend live and to the replay of the event – relax and enjoy on your schedule
    • How to create and decorate an outdoor Christmas tree for the animals with Amy of Homeschool Nature Study
    • A Christmas craft! Make an ornament for your outdoor tree (edible for the animals) with Victoria of Homeschool Nature Study
    • A hands on art lesson with Nana of You ARE an ARTiST – with a FUN Christmas tree with the animals theme!
    • A downloadable nature study, hymn study AND composer study to accompany the live event!

    Find beautiful follow up Christmas homeschool studies (including Nana’s Christmas cookies) in Holiday Homeschooling: A Christmas Tree Study for Kids

    Christmas craft

    Here’s How to Be Ready for the Event

    For your art time with Nana, you will just need a very few suggested supplies, below:

    • a starter set of chalk pastels (Our favorites are here).
    • construction paper (Nana suggests white construction paper for this lesson)
    • baby wipes or damp paper towel for easy clean up

    Craft supplies detailed at sign up.

    Enjoy this simple, joyful and stress-free holiday event with art, nature and music for your Christmas homeschool.

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    Be sure to share photos of your Christmas Tree With the Animals Art, Nature and Music time on social media and tag @outdoorhourchallenge and @chalkpastelart – We can’t wait to see you participating and to see your paintings!

    And please invite your friends! Share this post with them!

    Art, Nature, Hymns & More Bundle

    A Wonderful Christmas Gift-Away! Enter to win in the rafflecopter widget below!!

    You will love these resources for Christmas and winter homeschool gathered by Homeschool Nature Study Outdoor Hour Challenges and You ARE an ARTiST! All in celebration of our LIVE event – Christmas Tree 🎄 with the Animals.

    These are some of our favorite resources for Christmas FUN!

    Not only will you receive a set of chalk pastels AND the Handbook of Nature Study book, you will also get:

    • Christmas Carols Golden book (has all the favorites – including O Christmas Tree which is our hymn study for the event!)
    • Merry Christmas Designs by Dover Publications – calming coloring book
    • The Pine Tree Parable by Liz Curtis Higgs
    • A Pussycat’s Christmas by Margaret Wise Brown) such a sweet story with a story of the sights and sounds of Christmas Eve through the cat’s perspective)
    • Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost with gorgeous illustrations by Susan Jeffers
    • Stories in the Stars: A Christmas Poetry Devotional by Julie Kieras (I loved this last advent season and look forward to starting it again soon!)
    • Discover Nature in Winter by Elizabeth P. Lawlor – an excellent resource to use each year!

    Enter to win below! And be sure to sign up for the FREE replay of the event while you are here.

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    Growing a love of art at You ARE an ARTiST is a multi-generational passion! Tricia is Nana’s daughter and a mama of five children. Nana shared her first chalk pastel art lessons with her grandchildren around Tricia’s kitchen table. Homeschooling since 2000, Tricia has seen the fruits of home education with three homeschool grads so far! She shares the art and heart of homeschooling at Your Best Homeschool and is author of the book, Help! I’m Homeschooling! She and her husband, Steve, are also owners of sister sites Homeschool Nature Study and The Curriculum Choice.

    Enjoy this simple, joyful and stress-free holiday event with art, nature and music for your Christmas homeschool.
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    The Beauty Of Art, Music And Nature In Your Homeschool

    Do you incorporate nature study into your homeschool? What about art and music appreciation? Learning art and music history is very important, as is learning about the world right outside our door. Now you can quickly and seamlessly include the beauty of art, music, and nature in your homeschool.

    The Beauty Of Art, Music And Nature In Your Homeschool

    The Value Of Art, Music and Nature In Your Homeschool

    I admit I’ve been lacking when it comes to fine arts and music in our homeschool. Sure my kids knew who Picasso and Monet were, but if you asked them about Giotto or Bruegel, they would have given you a blank stare. The same goes for music appreciation. My kids knew of Beethoven and Mozart but had no clue who Vivaldi, Corelli, or Handel was.

    And that was just the tip of the iceberg, folks. Please don’t take my homeschool mom card away!

    How could I possibly have time to incorporate these AND nature studies into an already full homeschool schedule?

    The Beauty Of Art, Music And Nature In Your Homeschool

    It was pretty easy!

    You ARE An Artist has created an Art and Music Appreciation study called Homeschool Fine Arts! And now they have a new site called the Homeschool Nature Study! They have interwoven these incredible resources so that they complement each other and only take 45 minutes to an hour per week.

    I decided to take our love of Nana’s chalk pastels we usually do on Fridays and name it Fine Arts Friday with some nature study thrown in too!

    You ARE an ARTiST’s art and music appreciation program is designed for busy homeschooling families. The art & music appreciation plans organize a variety of resources so you can open the schedule and, with little preparation, offer your children experiences with great artists and composers!

    The Beauty Of Art, Music And Nature In Your Homeschool

    Homeschool Fine Arts and Nature Study

    We are currently using Homeschool Fine Arts Plans Grade 6: Medieval and Renaissance Art and Music.

    Artists Included in Grade 6

    • Giotto di Bondone
    • Fra Angelico
    • Leonardo da Vinci
    • Raphael
    • Sandro Botticelli
    • Michelangelo
    • Pieter Bruegel, the Elder
    • Albrecht Durer
    Homeschool Fine Arts are open and go music and art plans for homeschool families.

    Composers Included in Grade 6

    • Antonio Vivaldi
    • Johann Sebastian Bach
    • George Frideric Handel
    • Joseph Haydn
    • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    • Ludwig von Beethoven
    • Franz Schubert
    • Hector Berlioz

    By creating a habit of viewing paintings each week and listening to carefully curated music, my children are getting to know various artists and composers within a particular period. We’ve already had a ton of fun observing works such as:

    • Flight into Egypt
    • Life of St. Francis Renunciation to Wealth
    • The Dream of Joachim
    • Lamentation of Christ

    You ARE An Artist Fine Arts Appreciation plans are listed by grade, but you can also use them family-style! There is so much flexibility with this program. Use it, however, works best for your family.

    The Beauty Of Art, Music And Nature In Your Homeschool

    The new Nature Study Membership works seamlessly with the art and music appreciation. There are over 20 Nature Courses to take AND a remarkable Nature Study with Art and Music Appreciation for all Seasons!

    Homeschool Nature Study - Bring the Handbook of Nature Study to Life in Your Homeschool!

    Homeschool Lessons For Art, Music And Nature Studies

    Homeschool Fine Arts Curriculum by Grade

    Each fine arts curriculum offers additional art appreciation books, music, and podcasts that you can use as you have time available. They also encourage you to incorporate hands-on famous artists’ art lessons with Nana. These plans pull together affordably priced materials along with internet links so you can have a reasonably priced art and music appreciation program. There are 32-36 weeks planned at each level, and this allows your family plenty of flexibility to complete the curriculum in one homeschool year.

    If you don’t feel that a full year of fine arts appreciation is for you, you can also choose from a collection of unique art and music appreciation unit studies which typically last 6-9 weeks.

    The Beauty Of Art, Music And Nature In Your Homeschool

    Homeschool Nature Study and Outdoor Hour Challenge

    The Homeschool Nature Study Membership encourages you to get outdoors with the #outdoorhourchallenge. It also uses the Handbook of Nature Study to help bring life to your nature studies. With the Nature Study Membership, you’ll be enrolled in ALL of the nature study courses, including:

    • Autumn
    • Birds
    • Creepy Things
    • Forest Fun
    • Garden
    • Getting Started
    • Herbs
    • High Desert
    • Insects
    • Mammals
    • Moss, Fungi, and Lichen
    • Nature Crafts
    • Nature Journaling
    • Nature Study with Art and Music Appreciation – All Seasons of Curriculum
    • Planning Resources
    • Pond
    • Rocks
    • Seashore
    • Spring
    • Summer
    • The Outdoor Mom
    • Trees
    • Weather
    • Wildflowers
    • Winter
    • Winter Wednesdays
    The Beauty Of Art, Music And Nature In Your Homeschool

    There is even a handy calendar with daily prompts so you can choose what bite-size chunks of nature works best for you and your family. The nature calendar provided us with YouTube videos, photos, and notebooking pages for each day of the month!

    The Beauty Of Art, Music And Nature In Your Homeschool

    The Homeschool Fine Arts and the Homeschool Nature Study Membership ARE separate from the You ARE An Artist Clubhouse membership. But clubhouse members get 50% off and receive a Van Gogh and Handel 6-9 week unit study as a sample of this curriculum.

    You ARE An Artist Clubhouse members also receive another Winter Nature Study with Art and Music Appreciation from the Homeschool Nature Study website. This nature study is roughly three months’ worth of materials!

    That’s a load of resources, folks!

    The Beauty Of Art, Music And Nature In Your Homeschool

    How To Incorporate Art, Music And Nature Into Your Homeschool Routine

    Art and Music Appreciation

    With our Art and Music Appreciation, my kids are learning the basics of drawing with the Draw Squad. We are learning about different famous artist and their artwork each week, and that has been quite entertaining. Don’t think that art appreciation must be serious and dry, especially when you’ve got kids.

    At least my kids like to find the exciting and weird subject matter in each piece. Like clouds that look like UFOs or floating heads or faces that look like they have indigestion. Oh, yes, it’s true. But by pointing out some of these funny and unique bits of each artwork, my kids remember the artist, the time period, and the artwork themselves.

    Why yes, the Madonna and Child, by Berlinghiero, does have alien qualities!

    The Beauty Of Art, Music And Nature In Your Homeschool

    For Music Appreciation, we’ve been learning and listening to Vivaldi:

    • Spring (Four Seasons)
    • Summer (Four Seasons)
    • Concerto for Two Trumpets
    • Sovente il Sole
    • Concerto in D for Piano and Guitar

    Our favorite piece so far is his Four Seasons. My son said the Summer was quite “morose.” We did Nana’s Vivaldi Spring Tree chalk pastel and have added Vivaldi to our notebook timeline.

    Homeschool Fine Arts plans from You ARE an ARTiST

    Nature Study

    Nature study has contained more about Vivaldi and a composer notebooking page! He goes beautifully with any season really. We’ve studied snowflakes, winter birds, winter mammals, the winter night sky, and most recently, bulbs because our daffodils are in full bloom, and our tulips are emerging!

    The Beauty Of Art, Music And Nature In Your Homeschool

    My children have become acquainted with winter nature study, Vivaldi, Corelli, and Giotto within a few short months! Our Fine Arts Friday has become a fun and hands-on way of learning about great art and exciting time periods. Afterward, we head outside for our nature study and #outdoorhourchallenge. Fridays have become a rich, full day of beauty and learning like never before! Won’t you join us?

    Outdoor Hour Challenges with Homeschool Nature Study

    Erin is a writer, blogger, and homeschooler to two intense kids. Her blog is filled with information to help you explore a child led education while making meaningful connections with your children. Discover favorite read alouds, seasonal books, games, art projects, hands-on activities, and learn to just breathe through the ups and downs of life. She loves nature, farm life, good books, knitting, new pens, and hot coffee. Erin is a contributing writer for Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers. Her work has also been featured on Simple Homeschool and Book Shark.