Preschool Video Art Lessons Bundle


Two online Preschool Video Art Lesson courses for one discounted price. Your preschooler will love having the beginning art lessons and fun fall lessons as well.

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Two preschool video art lesson courses together for one low price. Beginning preschool lessons and fun fall art too!

What is included in this expanded preschool video art lesson bundle?

  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Techniques encourage both new artists and challenge more advanced ones
  • Independent learning for older students
  • FAQs
  • Glossary of art techniques
  • Option to join You ARE an Artist Facebook group for sharing art work and asking questions.

Try a Free Preschool Video Art Lesson

Apple from Chalk Pastel on Vimeo.

Super Bundle! 11 Preschool Video Art Lessons

3 Encouraging Videos for the Parent

Your youngest artists can join in the learning fun with these videos too!

  • Preschool Chalk Pastels: An introduction to chalk pastels. The simple and very short supply list plus practical tips for using chalk pastels with preschoolers.
  • How to Teach Preschool Art: Extra advice for parents and caregivers on how to join the fun of preschool art. Encouragement on how important praise is for a preschooler to develop a lifelong love of art!
  • How to Build Pictures with Shapes: Simple steps for lines and shapes to show your preschooler how to make familiar, every day items out of shapes.

4 Preschool Chalk Pastel Video Art Lessons

Build a love of art with the successful and frugal art medium of chalk pastels.

  • Circle: BIG ones, little ones, red ones, green ones!
  • Square: Learn how to make straight lines connect and “shake hands” with other lines to make a square!
  • Triangle: Three lines and you have a volcano with red, fiery lava flowing down a side or a purple mountain with snow on top!
  • Lines: Oh the places you can go with a straight line – squiggly, short or long!

4 Preschool Fall Video Art Lessons

Build a love of art with the successful and frugal art medium of chalk pastels.

  • Apple – turn a chalk pastel stick on its ‘tummy’ and pull the color around to create an apple!
  • Leaves – all the fall colors and all the shapes of leaves
  • Spider – it’s fun to ‘paint’ this friendly fall creature dangling from a web
  • Candy Corn – paint as many as you’d like!








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