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Fantastic Fall Art Lessons For Kids

Grab a slice of apple pie, some warm socks, bury your homeschooler in a pile of leaves or enjoy these fantastic fall art lessons together! Have we got a fall bucket list for you!

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall. F. Scott Fitzgerald

Fantastic Fall Art Lessons For Kids

Fall speaks to each of us in different ways. When we lived in Florida we were only aware it was “fall” because Pumpkin Spice arrived at Starbucks. However in Colorado, the air just feels and smells crisp, the trees change colors, and we start baking an indecent amount of banana bread. If you live in an area that experiences the four seasons or none at all incorporate these Fall Art Lessons.

Homeschool pro tip: laminate special creations and give as Christmas gifts to grandparents.

Seasonal Tree Study For Fall

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.” – Emily Brontë

What better way to enjoy a fall tree than A Year Round Seasonal Tree Study For Your Homeschool or the Fall Hygge Homeschool Art Lessons. Turn these beautiful chalk art trees into a nature study – with all the ideas in The Ultimate Guide to Fall Nature Study in Your Own Backyard.

Fall Art: One-On-One Time With Kids

Looking for something on the smaller side? Try a pinecone or acorn art tutorial. Let your student decide with help from our Fall Art One on One Time with Kids or Mommy and Me Time with Art.

Photo by Erin Vincent

S’Mores Me ! Art Lesson

Are you ready for Roasting Marshmallows and all the dessert joy? I was a Girl Scout for ten years. So I’m definitely the resident S’Mores maker in our home. Every marshmallow turns out perfectly golden brown. But my boys still loved letting them catch on fire.

Campfire roasting marshmallows smores fall art

I’ve only made S’Mores with graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars. Until we moved to Colorado and one camping angel offered the mind blowing suggestion of switching out chocolate bars for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Oh. My. S’More. Campfire Game Changer!! Switch up your chocolate bar of choice, I’ve heard Kit Kats are the perfect shape, but we’ve yet to try them.
October is National Fire Safety Month. It’s a great time to go over fire safety in your home.

Incorporate these Fantastic Fall Art Lessons and your entire family will enjoy the change of seasons in your homeschool day.

Apple Art With Chalk Pastels

Johnny Appleseed Day is September 26th. We honor the man who made apple (and pear) trees grow all across most of this country. Or you just have another reason to bake and eat apple pie. I’ll take it!! Check out Apple Chalk Pastel Art Lessons and serve up a plate of Nana’s Apple Pie with it! (Includes How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World art lesson and ideas!)

Incorporate these Fantastic Fall Art Lessons and your entire family will enjoy the change of seasons in your homeschool day.
Apples to Oregon makes a fun A Hands-On Oregon Trail Unit Study perfect for fall geography and history studies!

Animals in Fall Study For Your Homeschool

We always loved cutting out construction paper fall leaves, taping them to windows, and adding little gratitude comments all season. I wish I would have added some adorable fall animals among the leaves. If you’re observing the birds, rabbits, squirrels, and chipmunks busy in your yard maybe decorate a Fall Wall in your homeschool room with chalk animals!

We loved Nana’s Deer in the Fall Clubhouse. We decided to make our own cartoonish deer with big sweet “puppy dog” eyes.

Homeschool Pro Tip: during these more enjoyable fall days try your chalk tutorials outside on your sidewalks and driveways. DO NOT use chalk pastels on concrete. Stick to cheap sidewalk chalk!

More Fall Homeschool Art Fun

You will also have fun with these fall art lessons:

Incorporate these Fantastic Fall Art Lessons and your entire family will enjoy the change of seasons in your homeschool day.

Members Fall Bucket List

Don’t forget! Members can create a Fall Fun Bucket List! Personally, I’m hoping to drink as much apple cider and enjoy those S’Mores. Check and check. Happy Fall Y’all !

Incorporate these Fantastic Fall Art Lessons and your entire family will enjoy the change of seasons in your homeschool day.
Stef Layton

Stef started homeschooling her boys in 2008. She quickly adopted a hands-on learning homeschool style and graduated her oldest tactile learner in 2021. Stef started the Hands-On Learning column in Homeschooling Today magazine. The Laytons currently reside in the foothills of Colorado where Stef also teaches yoga. The family loves to hike trails, stand-up paddle board, and chase sunsets. Stef shares travel and homeschool tips on IG at @LaytonAdventures.

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Fall Hygge Homeschool Art Lessons

Here are some super simple ideas on ways to create a fall hygge homeschool art lesson with items you may already have on hand or within easy reach.

Fall Hygge Homeschool Art Lessons:Here are some super simple ideas on ways to create a fall hygge homeschool art lesson with items you may already have on hand or within easy reach. #fall #fallhygge #chalkpastels #homeschool #homeschoolartlessons

Hygge has been a hot word in recent years. You can find it all across the internet as a defining characteristic of Danish culture. It essentially means coziness and comfortable with a feeling of contentment or well-being. I love the idea of hygge. Everyone, especially me, craves calm and cozy.

I find my mental health and overall well-being improve when I introduce a bit of hygge into my life. That makes me a better mom because I’m calmer and more patient.

I typically think of hygge as a space of cozy blankets, pillows, and my favorite candle. But last week I realized that our art lessons are also a place for hygge.

Fall Hygge Homeschool Art Lessons

Autumn was upon us, and I planned our weekly chalk pastel art lesson with a fall theme. It had been a highly stressful week of work, taekwondo lessons for the kids, and unexpected health complications. Mentally, I was fried. I don’t think I realized just how exhausted I was until I sat down at the table with my hot cup of tea.

It felt so cozy and perfect in my hand. I held it up to my lips and breathed in the aroma of honey, spearmint, lemongrass, orange blossoms, and rosebuds. I felt such comfort. Then I looked around at our table. It was covered in chalk pastels, acrylic paints, second-hand teacups, apple crumble, and construction paper. It wasn’t the perfect hygge photo on a cottage magazine, but THIS was hygge because it was that feeling of comfort, contentment, and well-being.

The kids dove right into their lesson with excitement, but I lingered on this feeling for a bit longer. Savoring the sweetness and joy it brought. Once I’d finished my cup of tea, I pushed up my sleeves and got to work on my chalk pastel drawing feeling renewed and energized.

Fall Hygge Homeschool Art Lessons

Cozy Fall Homeschool Resources

You can create your own fall hygge homeschool lessons with a few easy steps.

  • Gather your chalk pastels and Nana’s video art lessons. You don’t need an expensive chalk pastel set; just a starter set is okay.
  • You’ll want a pack of construction paper in assorted colors.
  • Serve your children’s favorite beverage. It could be tea, apple cider, hot chocolate, or even juice. Whatever they love. Be sure to have your favorite beverage nearby too.
  • Serve treats. You don’t have to bake anything by hand if that’s not your thing. Pick a delicious treat at the bakery or even a pack of Little Debbie Snack Cakes.
  • Light a candle or two if you like; just keep them out of the way of little ones.
  • Keep some damp paper towels handy to clean up chalk hands and any spills.

Art is also a great way to strengthen the parent-child relationship and have a little one-on-one time with your kiddo.

Fall Hygge Homeschool Art Lessons

Additional Homeschool Resources For Fall With The You ARE An Artist Clubhouse Membership

Did you know that with the You ARE AN Artist Clubhouse Membership, you get a bank of 700+ art lessons to choose from for ALL ages! Here is a sampling of the fall-themed art that we had access to:

  • Blue Jay
  • Look Up! Fall Aspen Trees
  • Pumpkin Acrylic
  • Hayride
  • Fall Acrylic Tree Reflection
  • Candy Corn
  • Pumpkin
  • Caramel Apple
  • Turkey
  • Acorn
  • Wind in the Tree
  • Fall Trees
  • Roasting Marshmallows around the Campfire
  • Apple Pie and Ice Cream
  • Warm Mittens, Scarf and Hot Chocolate
  • Johnny Appleseed
  • Plus many more!

But the Fall Art Lessons are lovely too if you’re not interested in the Clubhouse membership, but you are interested in trying some fall art.

Fall Hygge Homeschool Art Lessons

My kids always enjoy the treat of an acrylic lesson from Nana. Her new acrylic pumpkin was perfect for our fall-themed teatime!

Fall Hygge Homeschool Art Lessons

Fall Hygge Chalk Pastel Teatime

Hygge is easy to create with just a few simple steps. Let comfort and the feeling of well-being be your guide as you create a lovely chalk pastel teatime. My kids certainly enjoyed having a patient mom sitting at the table alongside them as they created whimsical works of fall art, and I enjoyed that fall hygge sense of contentment and coziness.

Erin is a writer, blogger, and homeschooler to two intense kids. Her blog is filled with information to help you explore a child led education while making meaningful connections with your children. Discover favorite read alouds, seasonal books, games, art projects, hands-on activities, and learn to just breathe through the ups and downs of life. She loves nature, farm life, good books, knitting, new pens, and hot coffee. Erin is a contributing writer for Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers. Her work has also been featured on Simple Homeschool and Book Shark.