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Hands-On Homeschool Literature Study: Robin Hood

This homeschool literature study of Robin Hood has everything you need for engaged and hands-on learning.

The Story of Robin Hood

What do you think of when you hear the name, Robin Hood?

Like many medieval tales, the story of Robin Hood has many versions.  There are oral legends, passed down from generation to generation, a wide variety of books, and even several movies about Robin Hood.

“IN MERRY ENGLAND in the time of old, when good King Henry the Second ruled the land, there lived within the green glades of Sherwood Forest, near Nottingham Town, a famous outlaw whose name was Robin Hood.”  – Pyle

Robin Hood: Legend or History?

The basis of the Robin Hood story that we all know today is that a man named Robin of the Hood would steal money from travelers in the forest.  He was a remarkable shot with his bow and arrow and loved among the people.

The legend goes that he would steal from the wealthy and share that money amongst the poor.  Another common thread is an evil sheriff known as the Sheriff of Nottingham.  Robin and his companions, known as the Merry Men, would help the common people and retaliate against the corrupt sheriff.  The story takes place during the reigns of King Richard and his brother King John in England.

It is a fun legend that is action-packed for children who want adventure and includes a little romance between Robin Hood and Maid Marian.

There is much debate on the historical accuracy of the tales and the ethics of his tactics. True or not, they provide great literature, entertainment, and a peek into life in medieval times.

This homeschool literature study of Robin Hood has everything you need for engaged, enjoyable and hands-on learning.

Online Homeschool Literature Lesson: Robin Hood

Robin Hood is well known for wearing a green outfit and hood to help him better hide in the woods.  Nana has created an engaging chalk pastel lesson of Robin Hood with his bow and arrows.

This lesson is only about fifteen minutes long and is perfect for elementary through high school-age students.  As always, with Nana’s lessons, you do not need a lot of supplies, just some construction paper and chalk pastels.

This art activity is a great way to add a hands-on component to your study.  Painting Robin Hood with chalk pastels will help students make connections and remember what they have learned.  As Nana says, “I Drew It, and Then I Knew It.”

Your artists may want to continue with even more Medieval Times Homeschool Art Lessons which include a catapult, castle, court dress, dragon, knights and crusaders and much more.

More Resources for Studying Robin Hood In Your Homeschool

There are so many ways to include the story of Robin Hood throughout your homeschool curriculum. You can tie it all together to make a complete study.  In addition to Nana’s wonderful chalk pastel lesson, the You Are an Artist membership includes a lovely I Drew It Then I knew It Literature Workbook.  The workbook consists of fun facts and writing prompts to go along with your study of Robin Hood.

There are many different versions of the Robin Hood story in print.  Depending on the ages of your children, you could choose one of the shorter picture books or the more complete story by Howard Pyle (written and illustrated in 1883).

We particularly enjoyed The Story of Robin Hood by Usborne for young children and Robin Hood by Carol Heyer for elementary-aged children.  Both were available at our local library.

Robin Hood fits in well with a study of knights, the Crusades, or Medieval history in general.  Our family is adding this Robin Hood unit to our current Medieval studies with Story of the World.  However, you could also use this to start an independent medieval study.  Nana has many art lessons that would coordinate well with a medieval study!

“He has been loving our Robin Hood unit so much that he decided to make a ‘bow and arrow’ and dress up like Robin Hood!” – Dawn

Adding Hands-On Nature Study to Your Homeschool Study

You could add a bit of nature study by tying in a study of forests.  You can study the forests around you and then do a little research and compare your local forests with Sherwood Forest.  On our sister website, there is an excellent Forest course available in the Homeschool Nature Study membership that would be perfect.  You could also add more art with the lessons from the Forest Nature course for clubhouse members.

Homeschool Share has a great free Robin Hood unit study and lapbook that would be an excellent addition to your unit.  It includes literature, science, and history components.

Additional Homeschool Literature Studies

Linking literature with art and then tying in other subjects to make a complete unit study make a fun family study.

If you enjoyed Robin Hood and want to continue with more medieval history, check out the Sword and the Stone. Then pair it with Nana’s Excalibur lesson.

Another family favorite that lends itself to pairing literature with art and nature study is Charlottes Web.  We just finished that one up this fall, and it was so much fun.

Living in the south, I never know if we will have a snowfall in the winter, but Snowflake Bentley is a beautiful option for winter study.  The book and study are a great way to incorporate learning into your snow day fun.

Nana has many more art lessons combined with literature, and the I Drew It, and Then I Knew It workbook will help you with fun facts and creative writing prompts!  Be sure to check out this post on The Power of Adding Art to Your Literature for more great ideas.

Dawn is a passionate follower of Jesus, wife to Chris, and homeschool mom of four. In her spare time she loves to read, hike, and write on her blog Schoolin’ Swag. She enjoys reviewing curriculum and helping moms find the right fit for their family.

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Medieval Times Homeschool Art with Chalk Pastels

Learn about Medieval times with Nana’s I Drew It Then I Knew It chalk pastel video art lessons! Medieval Times homeschool art is the perfect hands-on way to bring a bit of color and excitement to history.

Medieval Times Homeschool Art with Chalk Pastels: Learn about Medieval times with chalk pastel video art lessons! It's the perfect hands-on way to bring a bit of color and excitement to history. #medievalhistory #medievaltimes #medievaltimeshomeschool #medievaltimeshomeschoolart #medievalunitstudy #homeschoolart #chalkpastels #YouAREAnArtist

Medieval Themed Art Lessons with Chalk Pastels

Do your kiddos love dragons, and knights, and princesses? Or maybe you are studying the Medieval world this year with your history curriculum. The Middle ages were an interesting time. The Roman Empire had fallen, and smaller kingdoms were vying for control. There were Barbarian raiders, wars on faith, and the Black Death to contend with, but there were some pretty exciting inventions too! The printing press, flying buttresses in gothic architecture, eyeglasses, and knights in shining armor, to name a few!

Nana at Chalk Pastels has got you covered with oodles of Medieval times homeschool art lessons! We’ve done a few Medieval chalk pastels in the past, but she keeps adding more! All you need is a pack of construction paper, a starter set of chalk pastels, and the You Are An Artist Complete Clubhouse Membership to enjoy all that Nana has to offer!

Medieval Times Homeschool Art with Chalk Pastels

Medieval Castle Art Lesson

We started our Medieval unit study by gathering all of our visual encyclopedias to the table. My kiddos wanted to learn about castles. Did you know the Normans built the first castles in England? We learned quite a bit about castles, mainly how they evolved from earth and wood to thick stone walls, tall towers, and even moats!

Did you know that the largest castle in the world today by surface area is built of brick? It’s the Malbork castle in Poland and was created by the Teutonic Knights. I love learning interesting tidbits like this along with my kids!

Medieval Times Homeschool Art with Chalk Pastels

Medieval Dragon Homeschool Art Lesson

“There be DRAGONS in our chalk pastels!”

That’s what I declared loudly for the children. They LOVE dragons. We have ever so many books about dragons. So, it was a delightful surprise to see a dragon in our homeschool art lessons. Of course, in the Middle Ages, dragons were something to be feared, not celebrated.

Medieval Times Homeschool Art with Chalk Pastels

FYI: Nana has another art course for Mythical Creatures where she has a baby dragon hatching from its egg! Just in case you have dragon enthusiasts too.

We enjoyed the Court Dress, Catapult, Stained Glass, and Robin Hood art lessons. I may have given a sword to the fair lady of the court after my daughter complained that she had no weapon. Afterward, the kids said maybe she was Maid Marian of Robin Hood’s story, and she was robbing one of the wealthy nobles of the court, ha! Maybe it was Robin Hood himself in one of his many disguises!

My daughter created her stained glass window to look like a rose which I thought was pretty creative. Then we talked about the rose window in the Chartres Cathedral in France and their techniques to create the stained glass windows of the Middle ages. If you haven’t heard of the rose window before, be sure to look it up. It is beautiful!

Catapult Art Lesson for Homeschool

We would randomly yell, “CAT-A-PULT!” as if we were commanding an army of soldiers about to attack a castle keep while drawing our catapults. Then, we’d laugh at our silliness. Seriously folks, who yells, “CAT-A-PULT!” at the kitchen table while doing art? My kiddos and I do!

FYI, there are four types of catapults:

  • trebuchet
  • mangonel
  • onager
  • ballista

You ARE AN Artist Complete Clubhouse Membership for Your Homeschool

There are so many fun history art lessons to explore. With the You ARE AN Artist Complete Clubhouse Membership, you’ll have access to 700+ video art lessons, including these Medieval Times Homeschool lessons plus Knights and Crusaders lessons:

  • Dragon
  • Stained glass
  • Cathedral
  • Viking ship
  • Viking helmet
  • Castle
  • Catapult
  • Lute
  • Jester
  • Crown
  • Court dress
  • Illuminated letter
  • Medieval garden
  • Crusade banner
  • Robin Hood
  • Knight
  • Banquet table
  • Shield
  • Falconer-Hawk
  • Excalibur in the stone
  • Festival tent
  • War of roses
  • Joan of Arc

With the Complete Clubhouse Membership, you’ll also get the Companion I Drew It Then I Knew It Workbooks. These workbooks are perfect for adding layers of extra learning to your homeschool art studies.

Medieval Times Homeschool Art with Chalk Pastels

Medieval Times Homeschool Art with Chalk Pastels

Expand your history studies and make them come alive with Nana’s chalk pastel homeschool art lessons! Art is the perfect way to encourage hands-on learning and exploration through time. Engage your children with color, lines, and form as they recreate these periods of the past. Medieval history is just one of the four eras you can study with chalk pastels! Nana also has courses for:

We had lots of fun with these Middle Ages history art lessons. Letting the kids be silly or adding their unique twist to a drawing is where the magic happens. Remember, they are learning even when yelling “CAT-A-PULT” at the kitchen table.

Medieval Times Homeschool Art with Chalk Pastels

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