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Plan Art For Every Day with the Art Lesson Calendar

I am a planner by nature. I enjoy arranging all the moving parts of our homeschool and family life. But there are times when I want a “done for me” solution. Enter: the Art Lesson Calendar from Chalk Pastel! The art calendar works whether you are a planner or a serendipitous type. 

A friend recently asked me whether I write all my lessons plans for homeschool. She was surprised to learn I don’t. I told her I don’t need to, because I have so many fabulous resources at my fingertips. I see no need to reinvent the wheel.

Whether for homeschool plans or weekend / summer activities, I don’t have time to create everything from scratch! Instead, I consider myself a curator and facilitator of my children’s education, from the range of rich curriculum available. Then I arrange them into our life in a way that fits our schedule.

Chalk Pastel Art has been a key part of our homeschool the last few years because the many lessons go along with our topical studies. Plus, it is fun and easy to implement.

There are times when I want a “done for me” solution. Enter: the Art Lesson Calendar from Chalk Pastel! Great for planners or a serendipitous types.

Plan Art for Every Day with the Art Lesson Calendar

Tricia and Nana at Chalk Pastel just made my life SO much easier by creating the Art Lesson Calendar! The calendar is a beautiful visual suggesting a delightful art lesson for every day of the month. 

Now, in addition to the search feature (another favorite of mine!), this calendar helps me pick just the right art lessons for our week or month. My boys were delighted to see the Hobbit themed lesson this month, since they just got done reading The Hobbit!

Here’s a few ways parents can take advantage of the Art Lesson Calendar: 

Celebrate holidays with Chalk Pastel Art! 

If there’s a holiday, there’s an art lesson! Many holidays like Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, or the 4th of July have several art lessons, so you can create a themed week, or let kids pick their favorite picture to paint in celebration.

Beef up that lesson plan! 

If you find yourself short on content for a particular day or unit study, look at the art calendar and see what might fit your studies. The monthly lineup covers seasonal and holiday themes, and sprinkles in a variety of other lessons too! History (like presidents!), Geography (maps!), and Literature (the Hobbit!) art lessons can be combined with children’s daily reading and lesson activities. Here are 10 Ways to Effortlessly Add Art to Your Homeschool Any Time of Year.

Last-minute wins with the Art Lesson Calendar! 

Earth Day, Pi Day, Dr. Seuss’s birthday are all special events that can sneak up on me, so I’m thrilled when I can “pull a rabbit out of a hat” and let my kids do a fun art lesson to commemorate the special day. 

Did you forget it was Groundhog Day? Jump onto the Chalk Pastel Art art calendar! You’ll see there’s a video for kids to learn about this popular furry sign of spring and draw a groundhog. The kids don’t have to know you didn’t plan it in advance! 

My boys wrote essays about Presidents for President’s Day, and I quickly pulled up the calendar and there were several art lessons on US Presidents. So they both drew Teddy Roosevelt! It was an unexpected addition to our writing lesson, but their Zoom classmates were thrilled to see them share their drawings along with their papers.

Honor famous people and cultures. 

Throughout the year, we honor people who have contributed well to our society and recognize cultures from around the world. Sometimes these aren’t topics I have a large collection of resources for due to space and budget. So I am glad to let the kids explore and learn through Nana’s art lessons. Nana always gives nuggets of background information while she’s walking students through the art lesson, which I love, because I can follow up on these with discussion or extra reading later on. 

Stay in season. 

When you study nature as much as we do, the topics are always changing. Whether it’s the arrival of the robin, the blooming of dandelions, or the changing colors of fall leaves, your kids can follow along each month with nature drawings. Some months, the art calendar has a special focus, like birds in early spring, and sea life closer to June. The art calendar topics help me know I’m always sharing something timely and relevant with my kids. 

Never miss a LIVE event

The Art Lesson Calendar shares when Nana will be hosting LIVE events for members and with other artists and teachers. It’s helpful to see this in calendar format so parents can plan ahead and take advantage of these special learning times. 

No more downtime. 

Did the doctor’s office call back at an inopportune time? Or the baby spilled a cup, so you’re busy mopping the floor? Keep the kids’ hands busy creating art while you tend to unexpected interruptions. I often have my kids pick an art lesson for these moments; in the past, the boys might spend fifteen minutes browsing (and arguing!) which lesson to select. Now I can just click on the lesson for that day and away they go!

TIP: Create an Art Challenge for your Kids!

Use the calendar to hold a “30 Days of Art” challenge for your kids. See if they can complete every lesson for a whole month! You’ll have an amazing collection of artwork to share afterwards.

Planning activities for your kids can be your heart’s delight – or your worst nightmare! Yet, even though I am planner, there are days when I just want to take a few decisions and tasks off my plate. The Art Lesson Calendar makes it so much easier to prep and plan school or free time. 

The best part is, this calendar helps parents get the most out of their subscription. Sometimes as parents we buy a great resource and just forget to put it into use. With the easy to follow plan each month, parents can be sure these lessons stay a fun part of daily life! 

Get access to the Art Lesson Calendar and all the delightful chalk pastel art lessons from Nana and Tricia with your annual Clubhouse subscription.

Julie is a teacher, writer and homeschool mom. Her blog Happy Strong Home shares encouragement for cherishing children, enjoying motherhood, and growing strong families. Discover homeschool resources, natural living tips, and family activity ideas. Julie has been featured on Million Praying Moms, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, and the Melissa and Doug blog. She offers writing workshops and a “homeschool neighborhood” community to support parents in their homeschool adventures. Find Julie on Instagram to be the first to know when new workshops and community events are available. 

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10 Ways To Effortlessly Add Art To Your Homeschool Anytime of Year

Add Art to Your Homeschool

Have you been skipping art in your homeschool, but you are ready to start implementing it now? Or maybe you aren’t sure how you can work art into your homeschool. No worries! You may not know this, but has multiple ways to help you add art to your home and homeschool. 

And we can’t wait to show you just how easy it is! No matter what kind of homeschooler you are, we have a way for you to bring the joy of art into your home.

Whether you are a serious planner mom or a spontaneous fun family, we have some ideas to share with you. Because art can be the cherry on top of all your learning at home and kids thrive when they can use their hands and exercise their creativity! 

Here is How You Can Effortlessly Add Art to Your Homeschool Anytime of Year! #homeschoolplanning #homeschoolart #artcurriculum #homeschoolcurriculum

10 Ways You Can Plan Homeschool Art with You ARE An Artist


If your homeschool family likes to wake up each morning and see where the day takes them, you can access over 600 art lessons anytime with your Clubhouse Membership. Just sign in to your membership and browse through all the available lessons and choose. Easy!

Add Art to Your Homeschool

Coordinate with Your Homeschool Curriculum 

This option is perfect for families that like to plan their weeks and months ahead. Since You ARE An Artist has a wide range of art lessons spanning from history, science, nature, famous artists, composers, presidents, Bible, hymns, inventors, space, and more – you can find an art lesson to coordinate with just about anything you may be studying! You can find this by using the search bar inside your membership or browsing through the various courses. Make sure you take advantage of our companion workbooks to access multiple art lesson planner pages too!

Companion Workbooks for Homeschool Studies 

Since we just mentioned these in #2, let’s talk about the companion workbooks a bit more in-depth. We have been creating companion workbooks to go along with our I Drew It Then I Knew It Series. Each of these workbooks comes with a recommended book list for the topic, biographies or overviews, planner pages, fast facts, writing prompts, research ideas, and more to complement whatever you are learning. Our companion workbooks make adding art to your homeschool easier than ever! Everything you need to complete a fantastic homeschool lesson with art is right at your fingertips. 

Don’t forget to utilize the search bar within your membership dashboard. The search bar is an easy way to find a last-minute art lesson or plan as far ahead as you need. Either way, pop whatever you are looking for in the search bar to search over 600 art tutorials. 

Art Lesson Calendar 

Nana and the You ARE An Artist team are always planning new and exciting lessons for Clubhouse members. You will find live events, holiday art, and seasonal relevant lessons pre-planned for you. Accessing the art lesson calendar is easy; it’s right inside your membership dashboard. Utilize the art lesson calendar, and you will never forget another fun opportunity to enjoy art in your homeschool!


Not sure what to study? We have a solution for that too! Please browse through all of our courses to see what your children might find interesting. We have an entire series dedicated to I Drew It Then I Knew It and many other topical art courses to keep learning at home exciting. Pick a course and dive right in. Learning never has to be boring with You ARE An Artist. 

Art Credit For High School

Art for a Credit for Homeschooling High School

Do you have a teen that needs an art credit for high school? We have just the thing! Let us walk you through how simple it is to receive an art credit using chalk pastels. 

Homeschool Curriculum Match-Up Lists 

You ARE An Artist also has another effortless way to add art into your homeschool lessons with a match-up list. Download a curriculum match-up list from your dashboard for Ancient, American, Medieval, or Modern History and add art to any history lesson. 

Live Events 

Here at You ARE An Artist, we are always planning exciting ways to bring art into your homeschool. One of the ways we do that is by hosting live events online with our community. You can log into your membership dashboard to keep up with all of the upcoming events and add them to your planner or calendar, so you never miss it! Then your family can tag us on social media using @chalkpastelart and hashtag #youareanartist. Your kids will have an amazing time as you search the hashtag to see all of your fellow homeschoolers out there doing the same art lesson. 

Add Art to Your Homeschool

Family Time 

Art adds joy and erases the mundane from our homes and homeschools, so remember, You ARE An Artist on rainy days, for family time, and anytime you hear “I’m Bored”! Stretch your membership as far as possible by using it recreationally; it doesn’t have to be just for homeschool. Saturdays, summer, tea times, anytime with friends and family are also perfect times for chalk pastels. 

Don’t forget we have plenty of lessons for preschool so that you can add your youngest to the fun too. You can always add a little learner to any of our chalk pastel lessons, just give them a piece of paper and a couple of chalk pastels, and they will feel like the big kids! 

We hope to help you make the most of your learning at home together and your membership! Don’t have a membership yet? No worries! Grab yours now.

Courtney is a Jesus-pursuing, native Texan, homeschool mom of three, and she believes homeschooling can be a peaceful and productive rhythm. At Grace, Grow & Edify she helps families create peaceful homeschooling atmospheres through faith, organizational strategies, and cultivating strong roots at home. She is also the founder of Homeschool Mastery Academy.