Welcome the Christmas season with a beautiful Christmas wreath! You can learn from Nana how to draw a Christmas Wreath with Chalk Pastels then you can hang it up as a decoration. Or you might decide it needs to be a gift for someone you love. Either way, you will have fun with this quick and easy lesson Nana shared with her grandchildren. And you will learn that you ARE an ARTiST!

How to Draw a Christmas Wreath with Chalk Pastels

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  • Suggested supplies: There are just a very few suggested supplies: white construction paper. Green, light green, red and black chalk pastel colors.
  • A note on chalk pastels:Pastels are an easy, forgiving medium. Fun for children and adults alike! Details on the pastels and paper we use, how and where to purchase, and links to all of Nana’s other pastel lessons are here: Our Favorite Chalk Pastels
  • The practical aspects of a mess: Pastels are blessedly messy. We always have baby wipes close by to wipe hands. We wear something we don’t mind getting stained or don a smock.
Nana's Christmas Wreath art lesson is a beautiful addition to your Christmas School. Erin says, "art has been the most special of Christmas homeschool activities.
Photo by Erin Vincent – Christmas Chalk Pastel Joy!

Christmas Wreath Art Lesson for Christmas Homeschool

Nana’s Christmas Wreath art lesson is a beautiful addition to your Christmas School. In fact, Nana has a whole section of Christmas art lessons in the You ARE an ARTiST Clubhouse. With the Complete Clubhouse membership, you have access to a whole bunch of holiday chalk pastel tutorials including:

  • Christmas Video Art Lessons
  • Nutcracker Video Art Lessons
  • Teatime Art Lessons including Charlie Brown Christmas and more

“…art has been the most special of Christmas homeschool activities. There is just something about art that is so delightful. It simply brings joy to our lives. We love to incorporate chalk pastels into our holiday plans.”

Erin Vincent

Chalk pastel lessons:

  1. Are quick (most lessons are only 10-15 minutes long)
  2. Are easy to use for preschoolers through adults
  3. Minimal requirement. All you need is an inexpensive starter set of chalk pastels and construction paper

Share Your Christmas Homeschool Art (FEATURING YOU! YOU ARE AN ARTIST!)

Paint your Christmas wreath art lesson and be sure to share with us! Simply tag @chalkpastelart on Instagram, use the #YouAREanArtist hashtag, or upload a photo to the ChalkPastel.com

Growing a love of art at You ARE an ARTiST is a multi-generational passion! Tricia is Nana’s daughter and a mama of five children. Nana shared her first chalk pastel art lessons with her grandchildren around Tricia’s kitchen table. Homeschooling since 2000, Tricia has seen the fruits of home education with three homeschool grads so far! She shares the art and heart of homeschooling at Hodgepodge and is author of the book, Help! I’m Homeschooling! She and her husband, Steve, are also owners of The Curriculum Choice.

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