Happy clouds! Happy trees! Famous artist Bob Ross made us believe that he was speaking to a single viewer. And, in doing so, he painted an illusion that he was giving us a private lesson.

Ross’ life was one of “happy coincidence” — the right art teacher taught him the perfect technique to finish an oil painting in 30 minutes. That skill was very useful years later as 30 minutes was the time that he would be given to film “Joy of Painting “ segments! Ross also flawlessly executed the saying that comic Steve Martin made famous: “Be so good that they can’t ignore you.”

We are still listening to and watching Bob Ross on television 25 years after his death. So, let’s put on a smock, get a palette with Van Dye brown paint, a big brush, and find out why this soft-spoken artist still lifts our spirits and fascinates us!

Bob Ross Study For Your Homeschool

Read the Famous Artist Bob Ross Podcast Transcript HERE.


  • 1:26 Ross’ Early Life & Military Career
  • 4:17 What is Wet-on-Wet Painting?
  • 5:45 The Joy of Painting
  • 8:46 Ross’ Iconic Phrases

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We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents. - Bob Ross
Happy clouds! Happy trees! Let's find out why soft-spoken Famous Artist Bob Ross still lifts our spirits and fascinates us!

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