Rembrandt van Rijn was and still is considered one of the world’s most famous artists. He was known for his inventive and different ways to capture the interest of the viewer gazing at his paintings. He could paint VERY large paintings. The most famous one of his large masterpieces was “Night Watch” – a massive 14 feet long and 12 feet wide painting! It depicts the preparation for a battle, no the soldiers are not in straight lines at attention, they are loading their guns, moving around, checking to see if everyone is ready to fight. This was such a different way to see a work of art! The soldiers are looking at YOU, the viewer. And the man at the back of the room is pointing at you! 

“ Painting is the grandchild of nature. It is related to God.”


Famous Artist Rembrandt Show Notes

Enjoy painting the dark night the sleeping Joseph and the blindingly bright Angel! This is truly a painting that a master of art has given us.

Our lesson is a favorite of my family, it tells a story and is named “Joseph’s Dream”. You will instantly see Rembrandt’s use of light and dark.  It is in the middle of the night, and Joseph is asleep in a chair. Suddenly, the Angel of the Lord appears to Joseph with a message. A very important message warning Joseph to take Mary and the child and flee to Egypt.

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