Announcing ‘From Nana’s Back Porch’ podcast! Nana is passionate about helping you realize you ARE an artist! Not only an artist with chalk pastels but with homeschooling, creative spaces, favorite family recipes and more. Nana also enjoys chatting – especially about art. If you have followed along with any of her You ARE an Artist video art lessons, you know that. She also enjoys sharing photos and thoughts on topics while she is being creative in her studio space on her back porch. That is where she will be chatting with you – from her back porch. It’s Nana’s You ARE an Artist Podcast!

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It's Nana's You ARE an Artist Podcast! Announcing 'From Nana's Back Porch' Nana is passionate about helping you realize you ARE an artist!

You ARE an Artist Podcast

“Hey there y’all! This is Nana, fixin ‘ to come to you from my back porch with regularity…well, when the dog and I can climb over stacks of canvases, boxes of pastels, pencils, papers…you know how it is!

I just want to chat with you. I feel like I know each one of you personally. I have been involved in teaching you or your children for years. I have been so very honored to come into YOUR homes, now I want you to visit with ME! I am hungry to find out what kind of art you love, how it makes you feel to hold a pastel or a paintbrush!

A chat comes easily to me, that’s one of the things that I do best! I want to tell you about my art failures and the glorious, glorious successes that I have been blessed with! And if my dog, you know the one: half Cairn Terrier and half alligator, won’t bark too loudly while I am recording, it will all be a great, fun time! What do you want to talk to me about first? Come on, let’s sit down out here next to the easel and visit!” ❤️Nana

Nana’s Very First You ARE an Artist Podcast  – Words to Bless

This Words to Bless podcast allowed me the opportunity to speak directly to homeschool parents and families about a need that has been on my heart for a long time. Simple praise, spoken with a smile at your student, spoken with enthusiasm is the best form of praise available. Praise the colors used, the lines drawn…this is a form of ageless encouragement and it works whether you are three or seventy-three!

Be excited about art and learning! We are very thrilled with our new lessons for the upcoming joyous seasons: Thanksgiving and Christmas! Why do we teach a “praise-based” curriculum? Because we care and we long to have every artist have success! You are ALL artists! ❤️Nana

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I listened this morning to episode 1 on an early morning drive and it was soothing, encouraging, and somehow also a kick in the pants. 🤣😎 Thanks, Nana! 😍” – Amy Sloan

“Emily is so excited to have Nana in her earbuds.” – Jessica at The Waldock Way

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