Animal arts and crafts are the perfect blend for your animal-loving kiddos! Join Nana as she helps you and your children explore their favorite creatures!

Animal Arts and Crafts for Kids: Animal arts and crafts are the perfect blend for your animal-loving kiddos! Join Nana as she helps you and your children explore their favorite creatures!

Do your kids love animals? Did you know that they can create their own with chalk pastels? You’ll need a starter set of chalk pastels and Nana’s video art lessons to get started!

We turned our video art lessons into a chalk pastel animal teatime with the children’s favorite tea, cupcakes, Swedish fish, and gummy worms! We each picked an animal for us to create together. My daughter chose a kitten. She named her creation Walter! My son chose a puppy, and I chose a baby seal. We had loads of laughs and yummy treats throughout our creative afternoon. One of my favorite parts of chalk pastel teatime is hearing the laughter that ensues as we try our best to smear and blend our colors. It can get a bit messy, so keep a damp paper towel nearby.

But don’t think that Nana only has baby animals to draw! Oh no! She has a plethora of the animal kingdom to choose from! So much, in fact, you may have trouble choosing which ones to start with. But I always recommend starting with your children’s favorites!

Animal Arts and Crafts for Kids

Animal Arts and Crafts for Kids with the You ARE An Artist Clubhouse Membership

With the You ARE An Artist Clubhouse Membership, you’ll have access to ALL of Nana’s Animal videos, including:

Baby Animals Video Art Lessons

  • lamb
  • piglet
  • kitten
  • puppy
  • seal pup
  • baby bluebird
  • baby cow
  • baby owl

Animals Video Art Lessons Clubhouse Edition

  • cat silhouette
  • dinosaur
  • animals of Africa
  • cow
  • bat

Animal Craft from Homeschool Nature Study

You ARE an ARTiST Clubhouse members also enjoy a sweet Homeschool Nature Study craft by Victoria Vels! Victoria shares, “mid to late summer is the best time to find dried teasels so get snipping and let’s create some adorable teasel pets. You only need a handful of supplies and the possibilities are endless with a little imagination.”

Pond Nature Video Art Lessons

  • turtle
  • bullfrog
  • dragonfly
  • water strider
  • beaver
  • rainbow trout
  • goose
Animal Arts and Crafts for Kids

Backyard Birds Acrylic Art Lessons

  • wren on tea cup
  • bluebird
  • titmouse
  • nuthatch
  • goldfinch

Sharks Video Art Lessons

  • great white shark smiling
  • hammerhead
  • zebra shark
  • night shark
  • black tip reef shark
  • flying sharks
  • shark fin
  • school of sharks
  • nurse shark
  • megalodon
Animal Arts and Crafts for Kids

Winter Video Art Lessons

  • winter forest scene with deer
  • bird in snow

Garden Nature Video Art Lessons

  • Honey bees on sunflower
  • bunny
  • ladybug
  • caterpillar

Forest Nature Video Art Lessons

  • snail
  • red-eyed tree frog
  • eagle’s nest with eagle family
  • rat snake
  • deer in the forest
  • bear
Animal Arts and Crafts for Kids

Backyard Nature Video Art Lessons

  • green anole
  • ant
  • chipmunk
  • hummingbirds at the feeder
  • lightning bug (or firefly)
  • squirrel
  • luna moth
  • roly-poly bug
  • earthworm
  • fireflies in jar

Bird Chalk Pastel Video Art Lessons

  • owl
  • cardinal
  • goldfinch
  • hummingbird
  • chickadee
  • robin
  • sandpiper
  • bluebird
  • baby bluebird
  • bird nest

Plus, so much more! Try using the search tool in your membership and see what other animals you can find! I recall a large buffalo chalk pastel that we did with Nana when studying her Yellowstone National Park video art lesson.

Animal Arts and Crafts for Kids

So go ahead and choose your favorites! Mix and match, or get a little wild and throw in some crazy colors! You may even invite your school mascot over for a cuddle. It’s all fun, plus Nana ALWAYS reminds us, “You ARE an artist!”

Erin is a writer, blogger, and homeschooler to two intense kids. Her blog is filled with information to help you explore a child led education while making meaningful connections with your children. Discover favorite read alouds, seasonal books, games, art projects, hands-on activities, and learn to just breathe through the ups and downs of life. She loves nature, farm life, good books, knitting, new pens, and hot coffee. Erin is a contributing writer for Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers. Her work has also been featured on Simple Homeschool and Book Shark.

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