This is a preview of the February Artist Clubhouse and Little House on the Prairie art lessons in the You ARE an Artist Complete Clubhouse! Such rich lessons to complement the learning already happening in your home. Nana says, “Get your pastels lined up, construction and copy paper ready. You’ll read books that will take you to the wide open plains of the 1880’s midwest in a covered wagon.. you will sing a hymn and then make wonderful artwork about the music!

We are going live again with a pastel lesson (Yes, Nana will really be LIVE). I love to paint with each one of you…do you like to paint with me too?” Join us in the You ARE an Artist Complete Clubhouse at!​

Artist Clubhouse Little House on the Prairie Art Lessons

All You ARE an Artist Clubhouse members will enjoy:
Tea Time: National Hot Tea Month, National Cherry Month, Groundhog Day, Super Bowl, Norman Rockwell birthday, National Inventors Day, Valentine’s Day, Great Backyard Bird Count, Presidents Day

Hymn: Sweet By and By. Pa Ingalls’ favorite to play on his violin. Dawn Peluso has a special hymn study to share with our members too.

Famous Artist: John James Audubon – a wonderful artist and naturalist for the month of the Great Backyard Bird Count. Goes well with Famous Naturalists Audubon study from Cindy of No Sweat Nature Study.
President: Ulysses S. Grant
Map: Little House on the Prairie

LIVE LESSONS to enjoy:
Little House on the Prairie with Sarah Mackenzie and Read Aloud Revival – Friday, February 21st
Famous Artist: Garth Williams – illustrator of Little House books and many other 20th century childhood favorites like Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little. Nana’s live lessons with the Read Aloud Revival community.

Just be sure to join us for ALL of these and more in the You ARE an Artist Complete Clubhouse at!​

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“February is a great month full of lots of things to create and learn. Please come and “let’s get started!” But always, always remember: You are ALL Artists! Sending a Valentine…❤️❤️❤️Nana”

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