In the same way that a certain smell can stir up powerful memories, music has a way of going deep and reaching the soul, catching in that place where words blend with feelings to create, or evoke the strongest of emotions. Today, I share with you the art of hymn study.

“Music is the art of thinking with sounds.”

Jules Combarieu

Words to familiar songs often bring me back to when I first heard them or they bring up feelings related to the words of the song and events that are tied in my mind to the music The hymn sung at my grandfather’s funeral. The cheery tunes sung by the choir at the Christmas cantata, or the doxology after the Lord ’s Supper. These songs reach into my soul and remind us that thou we are but mortals we can glimpse the eternal.

Worshiping God through music that just draws me in and brings peace and joy to my soul. In our home we enjoy a variety of music; ranging from traditional hymns, to bluegrass worship, to contemporary praise.

In addition to listening and singing along, we like to study various hymns. In taking the time to look closer at the lyrics, the scripture behind the songs, and the stories of how or why they were written, one can more profoundly understand, and relate, to the powerful messages that are included in these works.

Does that mean that your hymns shouldn’t be fun? Inspiring? Or that your worship should be full of work? Of course not! Don’t get overwhelmed, and don’t fret that you struggled with high school poetry.

“Where words fail, music speaks.”

Hans Christian Andersen

Making Hymn Study Fun

What can make a hymn study even more fun and powerful? Adding art to that study! Nana, here at You are an Artist, has done an entire course of art lessons that connect especially to hymns. This allows students to experience the songs in new ways and engages students that might not otherwise be interested in music. It’s the art of hymn study!

Nana has a knack for taking inspiration from the music, and helping artists of any level recreate her vision. A masterpiece created by your children also allows the opportunity to discuss the image, meaning, and inspiration with others. “Here Grandma! I made this for you. It’s a picture of the three Kings…”

To add more art to your hymn studies (or hymn studies to your art), you can check out this selection of hymns that already have lessons and hymn studies. Check the hymns course in your “You Are An Artist Clubhouse Membership” each month for new hymns.

Add art to your hymn studies by checking out this selection matching up hymns and art. The art of hymn study! Experience songs in new ways.

Hymn Study and Art Pairings

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