I am a big fan of tradition, and there are some that I want to pass down to my children. I recall watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving as a child so many times. It became a tradition to watch the beloved special each holiday season. 

As with many favorite family movies and t.v. shows, I still think I spot something new each time I watch. And I treasure the excitement that it brings my children to know we are carrying on the same traditions that made me smile as a child. 

But this year, I got an opportunity to kick it up a notch! Thanks to Nana, you can create an entire experience around A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving! This is one your kids will remember too. 

If you love A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, you will love adding these art activities as a new tradition in your homeschool too. #charliebrown #thanksgiving #homeschoolart #homeschoolartactivities

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving: A Holiday Classic

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is a holiday classic, like so many other wonderful movies. It is almost a childhood rite of passage to view the Thanksgiving special at least once. But, let’s face it, nobody watches it just once. Over the years, I have purchased all of the Charlie Brown classics on DVD. That way, we can watch them at our convenience, and we don’t have to wait for the cable viewings. 

If you have never watched before, the Charlie Brown special reels us in with its comical storyline, Linus’s Thanksgiving history overview, and that infamous Thanksgiving menu. Peppermint Patty invites herself and her friends over to Charlie Brown’s house for Thanksgiving. Of course, in regular Charlie Brown fashion, he stresses over the event! 

The menu that they put together for A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is probably the most memorable part. So, we had to recreate it for the full effect. And oh my goodness, my kids loved it! I know yours will too. Plus, it’s incredibly simple to put together. 

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Art Activities

Items needed to create your own Thanksgiving menu to accompany Nana’s A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving art lesson:

  • Buttered Toast
  • Pink Pudding
  • Jelly Beans
  • Pretzel Sticks
  • Popcorn
  • Pumpkin Pie (optional)

I know, so simple to do. Now, onto the best part…art!

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Art Activities

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Coloring Activities With Art Lessons

We decided to do both of Nana’s Charlie Brown Thanksgiving art lessons. Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving Dinner is one that you have to do with this fun menu! I prefer to watch the movie and do the Thanksgiving art activities afterward, but plan it however it works best for your family. 

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Art Activities

Another Charlie Brown Thanksgiving art lesson you will want to include is the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. This one is of Snoopy and Charlie, and both art lessons are easy enough for your younger children. 

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Art Activities
Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Art Activities

If you are a Charlie Brown fan, you will want to check out the Charlie Brown Christmas art lessons from YOU ARE AN ARTiST too!

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Art Activities

More Thanksgiving Themed Learning Resources

In addition to the classic Charlie Brown special, there is also a book. So, if you prefer to read the story instead of watching the movie, you can, or, do both! We read it and watched it. 

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Art Activities

Another great resource that you will want to add to these exciting art activities is the Thanksgiving Companion Workbook. We had so much fun reading the 5 Fast Facts for both Charlie Brown Thanksgiving art lessons. You will be surprised by some of the fun information you will learn about A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving Dinner. 

You can also enjoy the entire Thanksgiving Course packed with art lessons like:

Besides the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving art activities, if you grab the Thanksgiving Companion Workbook, you can utilize the fast fact sheets for each lesson, overviews, Thanksgiving planners, gratitude journal prompts, and a recommended Thanksgiving book list. You could even draw your way through the Thanksgiving story!

Year-Round Holiday Lessons For Your Homeschool

We love using our YOU ARE AN ARTiST Complete Clubhouse membership to celebrate our homeschool holidays all year long. If you don’t have a membership yet, I encourage you to look into one. A membership would make a wonderful gift for your children and your homeschool. 

We use our membership to incorporate learning about various holidays in our homeschool. It’s educational, and it breaks up the mundane. I have learned that adding fun, hands-on experiences in my homeschool keeps my kids happier and more eager to homeschool. Not all learning has to come from a textbook or should feel boring all the time. 

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Art Activities

With a membership, you can include holidays (and special days) in your homeschool like:

YOU ARE AN ARTiST has helped my children understand that learning can be fun. I can’t imagine celebrating holidays without them. Consider a membership if you would like to tap into the rich educational resources here at YOU ARE AN ARTiST too! 

Fall homeschool education and gratitude bundle

Fall Homeschool Education and Gratitude Bundle

We love these resources for your fall homeschool gathered by Courtney of Homeschool Mastery Academy and Tricia of You ARE an ARTiST!

Get your:

Plus, these homeschool resources:

  • Ox-Cart Man book by Donald Hall
  • Pumpkin Patch Parable book by Liz Curtis Higgs
  • It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown by Charles M. Schultz
  • A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving by Charles M. Schultz
  • A Turkey for Thanksgiving book by Eve Bunting
  • Cranberry Thanksgiving book by Wende Devlin
  • PaperMate Gel Pens, assorted colors, 14 count
  • Prismacolor NuPastels color sticks, 12 count
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