Now your kids can create The Lord of the Rings art with chalk pastels! Let Nana take you step-by-step with her video art lessons. All you’ll need is a starter set of chalk pastels and a pack of construction paper. Add in the books, movies, and some snacks, and you’ll have a homeschool art study to rule them all.

The Lord Of The Rings: A Homeschool Study To Rule Them All

“One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.”

The Lord of the Rings
The Lord Of The Rings: A Homeschool Study To Rule Them All

The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy

Our family has had a love affair with The Lord of the Rings for many years. Ever since my son was five years old and bored on a very long car trip, that’s when I snagged the audiobook versions. Years later, he read the printed trilogy himself. We have loved to find any reason to watch the movies or start the audiobooks anew ever since.

See that paper garland hanging on our fireplace? That is the entire The Lord of the Rings trilogy!

We also have this incredibly annoying habit of quoting the movies out loud.

It drives my husband crazy!

How about that time with a blanket on shoulders and broom in hand, I declared in a booming voice, “You shall not pass,” for all to hear.

True story.

We even did a Hobbit chalk pastel teatime earlier in the year! It was such fun!

The Lord Of The Rings: A Homeschool Study To Rule Them All

Bring The Lord Of The Rings To Life In Your Homeschool

“Not all those who wander are lost.”

The Lord of the Rings

When I asked my son if he was interested in Nana’s The Lord of the Rings literature art lessons, his eyes got as big as saucers as he said YES!

We got out our copy of the series and queued up The Fellowship of the Ring movie. We talked about our favorite parts and how the films differed from the books.

Like why was Tom Bombadil left out of the movies?

Usually, I’d create a chalk pastel teatime with themed treats, but my son was eager to start, so I served a simple tea with buttered toast. But we pretended it was “Lembas bread.” 

The Lord Of The Rings: A Homeschool Study To Rule Them All

An Adventure through Middle Earth

Nana led us on many adventures:

  • A Visit to the Shire
  • Going on an Adventure through the snowy mountains
  • across the map of Middle Earth
  • an up-close look at The One Ring

My son seemed to be in his dream world of fantasy, and at times he would snap out of it and say, “This is the best teatime ever!” Then, he’d eat another piece of buttered toast and drain another cup of tea. Somehow this simple tea was the perfect second breakfast for my young hobbit.

I think that is part of what I love about our You ARE An Artist Complete Clubhouse membership. I can easily find the lessons that resonate with my children. The lessons that speak to their interests and passions are always the most intriguing, and my kiddos learn and retain so much more with this hands-on artistic component.

The Lord Of The Rings: A Homeschool Study To Rule Them All

More Resources For Literature Study In Your Homeschool

With the You ARE An Artist Complete Clubhouse Membership, you’ll have access to 700+ art lessons, including exclusive access to You ARE An Artist Clubhouse Literature Video Art Lessons such as:

It’s the power of adding art to homeschool literature lessons!

The Lord Of The Rings: A Homeschool Study To Rule Them All

Chalk Pastel Art Lessons

After all the buttered toast was eaten and all the tea was drunk, my son sat back in his chair and proclaimed he needed to start re-reading the trilogy right away. Instead of The One Ring, this hard-bound version of the trilogy is his treasured “Precious,” although his new The Lord of the Rings chalk pastel paintings are now a close second.

The Lord Of The Rings: A Homeschool Study To Rule Them All

Lord of The Rings Homeschool Resources

We love these resources to go with your Lord of the Rings Homeschool Study!

  • Lord of the Rings book
  • Lord of the Rings ‘Homebody’ mug by A Fine Quotation
  • ‘One Ring’ ring necklace
  • Lord of the Rings bookmark by A Fine Quotation
  • Speak Friend and Enter sign

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